Local Search Breaks Big Box Monopoly

 Having a website, a location on the World Wide Web, directly positions your business to compete with the big chain stores. “Location, location, location.” is a phrase often repeated in the business world. From being in the right neighborhood. To being on the right side of the street.

I used to marvel at the customers who would call my store from the airport to get directions to us. There were plenty of other restaurants in the miles between us. But enough people were so in love with our big box brand, no one else was on their radar.

Now imagine we didn’t have a phone. There’s no way those customers would have come all that way to spend their money. They would not have been able to see if we were open. That is exactly what small businesses do to themselves when they don’t have a website!

Half of all small businesses still don’t have a website and are invisible to most customers searching online . On top of that, 20% of all Internet searches are for a local business. These are people trying to buy right now! People don’t go to Seattle to have a cup of coffee, or Alaska to eat crab.

In this game you need to be on the board! One third of people in America have global positioning systems (GPS) working on their mobile or “smart” phones, and use them. They get local information specific to where they live, walk, or drive. The major Internet search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing…) are pushing local search more than ever. You can get a location right next to the big box stores: online. Let customers know they have options. Reward their curiosity. You need a website as the core component of an effective Internet presence. “Location, location, location.”



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