The Do It Yourself Website: Are You Even Getting What You Pay For?

The Do It Yourself Website looks like a blessing, before you know just what you’re getting. Everywhere you look now, you are starting to see big businesses advertising Do It Yourself Websites. People know they need to get involved in this whole Internet business explosion. They just don’t know how to go about it.

The other day, during my Online Marketing System workshop, an attendee began to tell me about their website. They had gone online and paid to set up a website with one of those 1-2-3 Do It Yourself Website offerings. They gave me their web address and I ran it through an online website grader. Their website received a grade of “4” out of a possible 100!

All surface, no substance.

You know that your business needs to be online. To do this, you need to work with someone that will help you actually build your business. You don’t need some one whose goal is to capitalize on your ignorance. It’s one thing to have a website and another to have an effective website; let alone a real web presence.

You can get a¬† “1-2-3 Do It Yourself¬† Website “. But without understanding how it works, it’s like driving a “stick” car without knowing how to switch gears. Just as bad is paying someone to build your website who won’t maintain it, and doesn’t understand marketing or business. How much does a person who understands cars pay at the auto shop compared to someone who doesn’t? These Do It Yourself Websites are just a quick fix when you need a real solution.

At BestWebDesignBlog, our goal is to make your business better.

Getting back to that workshop attendee. I asked them how much they pay for their website? Then I asked them how much their typical electric bill is. I then explained that since they weren’t being provided a real web presence, no one was actually seeing their website. So for that provider, The monthly fee they got from my attendee was 100% profit and their client would never see any return on their investment.

Your website is supposed to help people who’ve never heard of you find your business. So I ask you. Do you really have a website? Or do you just have a Do It Yourself Website? How is it working for you?

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