Internet Changes Spark Rumors And Fear


The fear of change is still your businesses worst enemy. For the past week, a rumor has circulated that Facebook (Fb) is about to become a paid service. Nothing could be further from the truth.

 One would believe that users of the Internet would be accepting of change and innovation. More than 750 million people use Facebook regularly. One would think that more people would do some research before going online and screaming, “The sky is falling!”

 The spread of this rumor is a testament to human nature. People, no matter how much information is at their fingertips, are primarily social creatures.

 Recent changes in Social Media, the new Facebook features and Google+ (plus)’s launch, were bound to cause a little fear. Fear over the impersonal power of the Internet. Fear that as soon as we get comfortable, a corporation could just roll the dice with our privacy and social lives.

 Former Microsoft president Rick Belluzo advises people desiring success to “Become a person who views disruption and change as opportunity.”

 The reality is that Facebook is already a multibillion dollar business. The average Fb user spends over 40 minutes a day on Facebook. Facebook Open Graph wants to get their “like” button on as many pages on the Internet as possible. Facebook has always claimed right on its log in page that it is “free and always will be”. Changing this policy would surely drive people away.

 Most Americans use the Internet. The average user spends over 2 hours a day online. And Google is by far the leading search engine used. Google + is about Google securing a piece of the Social Media market.

 This is a struggle to command the user’s attention.

 By launching Google+, Google is signaling that Social Media Optimization and Social Linking is more important to Online Search results. Facebook, with Open Graph, is encouraging the spread of Social Linking beyond its own pages. This puts more power in the public’s hands, and less for big business, spammers, and dishonest web developers. This is an environment in which a local business, with flesh and blood customers, can enhance itself by embracing change.

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